VPFA Employee Spotlight

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) and its units include a broad portfolio of administrative units that directly serve and support all aspects of campus life. In an attempt to highlight our diverse group of employees and the various jobs they do, we are spotlighting people from across the portfolio.

Linda Miller: Ready for the next chapter

CPFM Facilities: Custodial Program Assistant

Josh Kashinsky: Buses, bike share, e-scooters, e-bikes, and more!

Transportation Services: Active Transportation Coordinator

Judy Haines: From taking care of children to taking care of buildings!

CPFM Facilities Custodial Services: Swing Shift Custodian

Andrew Sechrist: Custodian, musician and linguist, with a touch of tooth fairy

CPFM Facilities Custodial Services: Swing Shift Custodian

Laurie Graham: Focusing on the research and safety of all UO labs

Safety and Risk Services Environmental Health and Safety: Biosafety Officer and Laboratory Safety Manager

Daisy Rogers: Making time for work, kids, Ducks, Ems, and the outdoors

Office of Institutional Research: Research Analyst

Kiles White: Growing into a leader within Utilities & Energy

CPFM Utilities and Energy: Lead Co-Generation Engineer

Justin Becker: Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Information Services Enterprise Systems: Systems Infrastructure Specialist

Jesse Williams: Serving in Azerbaijan, Lane County, and at the UO

Business Affairs Treasury Operations: Analyst

Dan Carpenter: A view from the night

CPFM Facilities Custodial Graveyard Shift: Custodian

Jenna Montes: Keeping the wheels turning at Olum

Vivian Olum Child Development Center: Office Specialist

Billy Ray: Thriving on making people’s jobs easier

Information Services: Analyst Programmer

Rebecca Lucas: Relocated to Oregon and never looked back

FASS Mail Services: Mail Services Coordinator

Melinda Seeley: Building relationships and community

CPFM Campus Planning: Real Estate Property and Leasing Specialist

Judy Peters: Making a positive difference at work and in life

CPFM Facilities: Work Control Program Assistant

Brittany Jayne: Hiking, HR, and Higher Education

Human Resources: Employee and Labor Relations

Amy Gurley: Leading with kindness in IT

FASS IT: Operating Systems/Network Analyst

Morgan Driggs: Who ya gonna call?

CPFM Facilities: Work Control: Work Control Program Assistant

Lisa Taylor: Risk assessment and problem solving, with a side of creativity

Safety and Risk Services Risk Management and Insurance: Insurance and Claims Manager

Ken Straw: The end of one chapter and the start of another

CPFM Facilities: Manager of the Mechanical and Plumbing Shop

Trey Stanton: Taking ideas and putting them into print

Print Services: Digital Print Technician

George Helbing: Reasonable, responsible, respectful, and more

Institutional Research: Senior Institutional Research Analyst for Financial Systems

Kristy Larson: A Double Duck who found her work-life balance at Olum

Vivian Olum Child Development Center: Enrollment and Operations Coordinator

Donny Addison: Loving the outdoors leads to a career spent protecting it

CPFM Facilities Environmental Services: Solid Waste Program Manager

Dee Rawson: Helping units, meeting people, and making time to volunteer

Human Resources Operations: Senior HR Specialist

Joseph Muennich: Helping people use technology to make their UO work easier

Business Affairs Information Services: Analyst/Programmer

Justin White: Creating the map to innovation

Safety and Risk Services Location Innovation Lab (Campus GIS & Mapping): Senior Developer

Melanie Jackson: “Building” a Capital Project Career at UO

CPFM Design and Construction: Accountant for Capital Projects

Alex Milshtein: A journey from UO student to UO professional

Transportation Services: Office Specialist

Valerie Mickelson: Changing paths, Christmas movies, and famous Chex Mix

Finance and Administration Shared Services: Accountant

Nicholas Grant: From lumberjack to lumber "quack"

CPFM Facilities Custodial Services: Custodial Operations Supervisor

Joanie O’Brien: A woman in power (plants)

CPFM Central Power Station: Co-Generation Engineer

Kate Thompson: A career in transportation, tuition, and taxes

Business Affairs Student Billing/Accounts Receivable: Program Technician

Terry Allen: From avionics to university IT support

VPFA Information Technology Services: IT Consultant

Crystal Farset: Helping university employees on the path to retirement

Human Resources: Retirement Plans Management: Retirement Benefits Coordinator

Katy Hatfield: A career supporting education

Human Resources: Retirement Plans Management: Benefits Analyst

Jay Butler: Rights, retirement, payroll, and live music

Business Affairs Payroll Services: Retirement Payroll Specialist

Grant Keeney: Serving campus with Class and Comp

Human Resources Classification and Compensation: Classification and Compensation Analyst

Jill Ritz: Helping put together the pieces of the UO puzzle

Business Affairs General Accounting Office: Accountant

Mary Kay Fullenkamp: Collaborating across campus to support privacy

Safety and Risk Services: HIPAA and Privacy Officer

Kenny Ly: Helping people navigate protected leave

Human Resources Programs and Services: Medical Leaves Coordinator

Donna Sutton Chittenden: Supporting the UO's mission for over 30 years

Budget and Resource Planning: Program Manager and Fee Book Administrator

Nate Ferguson: Diverse skills in environmental science

Safety and Risk Services Environmental Health and Safety: Building Environmental Sciences Technician

Randi Schmechel: Alaska roots planted firmly in Oregon

Human Resources Operations: Human Resources Information System Data Analyst

Billy Pruitt: Serving his community at work and home

Transportation Services: UO Access Shuttle Operator

Cathy McDermond: Crediting collaborative co-workers

Business Affairs Payroll: Payroll Accountant

Zach Earl: Bringing firefighting experience to fire risk management at the UO

Safety and Risk Services: Environmental Health and Safety Department: Fire Protection Systems Manager

Yen-Chu Huberd: Exciting opportunities in finance, from Taiwan to the UO

Finance and Administration Shared Services (FASS): Financial Manager

Heather Larson: Building a career in HR

Human Resources Service Center: Lead HR Specialist

C.J. Nelson: Proud to serve around the world and at the UO

Business Affairs: Communications Scheduler for the AVP

Geri Brooks: From stay-at-home mom to UO police officer

University of Oregon Police Department: Police Officer

Mario Perez: Embracing a low-stress work environment

Campus Planning and Facilities Management - Facilities Services: Custodian

Richard Vaughan: Attitude goes a long way

CPFM Facilities Services: General Maintenance Mechanic

Carrie Jones: Valuing a good work ethic

CPFM Facilities Services: Custodian on swing shift

David Amundson: Managing the allocation of space

CPFM Campus Planning: Planning Associate - Space Analyst

Rick Tabor: Positive attitude and a sense of humor

CPFM Utilities and Energy: Utilities Electrical Superintendent