Everyday Inclusion

The fifth annual month-long Finance and Administration Everyday Inclusion initiative will run throughout August 2022. Previous initiatives included Implicit Bias Awareness Month in February 2018 and Everyday Inclusion in February 2019February 2020, and August 2021. Everyday Inclusion builds workplace communities through small "everyday" moments of connection, reflection, and effort. It also provides ways to reflect on our implicit biases and address those biases by questioning our assumptions, reorienting our perspectives, and finding ways every day to learn with and about our colleagues, work place, and world around us.

Throughout the year, if you are looking to attend events centering multiculturalism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, or connect with group working on these issues, check out these campus-related resources: https://vpfa.uoregon.edu/resources-events-and-groups-working-diverse-issues.

Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, we invite you to participate in the UO events being held throughout February and explore a list of resources curated by members of our diversity committee.

Our Diversity Action Plan

A draft of the Finance and Administration Diversity Action Plan (DAP) was initially submitted to the Division of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) on March 17, 2017. After receiving input from an administrative review team led by DEI as well as input from stakeholders within our portfolio, an updated Action Plan was submitted to DEI on September 15, 2017.  Following the rollout and completion of numerous initiatives from the 2017 DAP, the portfolio is taking some time to reflect on progress made. A one-page summary highlighting progress made in the 2017-2020 Finance and Administration Diversity Action Plan provides a high-level snapshot of the implementation of different initiatives. 

In early 2022, we solicited input from staff in our portfolio about ways to improve diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Staff throughout the portfolio were invited to discuss ideas with their diversity committee representative and complete this online survey on new equity and inclusion efforts. You are welcome to email Debbie Sharp directly with your thoughts at dsharp@uoregon.edu.

"VPFA Ducks for Diversity" Fund

Following recommendations from the diversity committee, the VPFA created the VPFA Ducks for Diversity fund to support diversity and inclusion. Employees within the Finance and Administration (VPFA) portfolio are encouraged to actively seek or create diversity-related events and trainings; the fund will help reduce financial barriers. Making these funds available for diversity initiatives increases access to diversity-related events and trainings, empowers individual employees to choose or develop events and trainings, and enriches workplace across the Finance and Admin portfolio. Apply online and get started on your ideas to improve diversity and inclusion!

VPFA Employee Spotlight

The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) and its units include a broad portfolio of administrative units that directly serve and support all aspects of campus life. The VPFA Employee Spotlight shows some of our diverse employees and the myriad positions they hold across the portfolio.

Welcome for New Finance and Administration Employees

In fall 2019, Finance and Administration piloted quarterly welcome sessions for employees who joined the portfolio during the previous few months. The pilot welcome initiative emerged in part from the work of the VPFA diversity committee and in part from networking sessions conducted by the vice president with staff from all over the portfolio. During Covid-19, the quarterly welcome sessions were paused. We are looking for ways to safely restart this initiative.

Finance and Administration is also gathering information on what's great about Eugene and Springfield to give new employees--and the rest of us--some ways to spend free time. We are putting together a resource list which will be posted for everyone to enjoy and for our Human Resources personnel to share with prospective and new employees. If you are a current Finance and Administration employee, please share your recommendations online, one great idea at a time.

The VPFA Diversity Committee

Since Fall 2014, the VPFA has engaged a portfolio-specific diversity committee, with representatives from across Finance and Administration, to advise her on issues of equity and inclusion by identifying best practices and making recommendations for piloting new activities, training and enrichment opportunities. The committee meets monthly. Beginning in 2017, members serve two-year terms.  Specifically, the VPFA diversity committee has been working on the following initiatives:

  • Engagement in the portfolio-wide Diversity Action Plan.
  • Implicit bias awareness training. The committee’s work in 2014-15 led to two trainings for managers in July 2015. The committee piloted the division's first-ever "Implicit Bias Awareness Month" in February 2018, and continues to look for opportunities to broaden training on this topic for all staff within the portfolio.
  • Reducing implicit bias in the search process. Some of our units have piloted redacting gender pronouns and names from application materials. In September 2016, the committee presented to the VPFA leadership about how this method could be used in the search process.
  • Exit interviews as a means of understanding diversity-related (and other) issues in our workplace. The committee made recommendations to the vice president for the implementation of exit surveys and exit interviews in September 2016. Both were implemented beginning February 2017.
  • Exploration of an overarching multicultural organizational development approach. The vice president will engage the committee for identifying opportunities to intertwine diversity and inclusion efforts into the portfolio’s strategic planning efforts.

Current Diversity Committee Membership

Chloe Barnett, Human Resources
Kersey Bars, CPFM Facilities
Deborah Butler, Office of the VPFA; co-chair
Jay Butler, Business Affairs
Tamara Clark, Vivian Olum Child Development Center
Eric Grape, CPFM Utilities and Energy
Maryam Hubbard, Finance and Admin Shared Services
John Johnson, UO Police Department
Becca Jones, CPFM Facilities
James McGladrey, Transportation Services
Jamie Moffitt, VPFA
Janine Neyssen, Budget and Resource Planning
Heidi Pohl, Print Services
Shannon Rose, Human Resources
Jove Rousseau, Office of the VPFA
Debbie Sharp, Office of the VPFA; co-chair
Steve Stuckmeyer, Safety and Risk Services
Liz Thorstenson, CPFM Campus Planning

Members serve two-year terms on the diversity committee. Contact your supervisor or Debbie Sharp if you're interested in participating.

Quarterly Activity Updates (past 12 months)

AprilJune 2022

  • Welcomed new members from the CPFM Facilities Paint Shop and Human Resources Programs and Services and Employee and Labor Relations teams.
  • Connected with the Information Services DEI Committee to explore areas of mutual support and collaboration.
  • Supported efforts to promote engagement with the UO Climate Survey.
  • Reviewed exit surveys and exit interviews and provided input.
  • Developed ideas for Everyday Inclusion 2022, including activities led by the diversity committee, overall themes, and resources for the initiative.
  • Highlighted employees in the UOPD Community Service Officer program, CPFM Campus Planning, and FASS Mail Services departments. 

January–March 2022

  • Created and shared an online survey to gather input on the 2017 Diversity Action Plan (DAP) and ideas for future initiatives from staff across Finance and Administration.
  • Met with teams and staff members from across the portfolio to gather ideas and input regarding the 2017 DAP and future diversity and inclusion initiatives within the division.
  • Discussed the equity lens concept as a way to analyze practices and decisions systematically to discover who might be disproportionately impacted
  • Worked to spotlight employees in the Business Affairs Travel Office, HR Employee and Labor Relations, and CPFM Facilities Work Control. 

October–December 2021

  • Started planning for 2022 work, including an update of the Finance and Administration Diversity Action Plan (DAP).
  • Created a progress summary of the 2017 DAP; designed strategies to gather feedback on the 2017 DAP and solicit ideas from all units on a new diversity action plan.
  • Spotlighted employees from Safety and Risk Services Office of Risk Management and Insurance, CPFM Facilities Work Control, and Finance and Administration Shared Services Information Technology unit. 

July–September 2021

  • Highlighted three employees from across the Finance and Admin portfolio: HR Operations, CPFM Facilities Zero Waste Program, and the Vivian Olum Child Development Center. 
  • Prepared for and implemented the annual portfolio-wide Everyday Inclusion initiative. The month-long initiative was held in summer for the first time and included virtual and in-person activities hosted by the diversity committee; on-campus and virtual scavenger hunts; swag bags; and gift card drawings for all participants. 
  • Welcomed new members from FASS, Transportation Services, Campus Planning, and Design and Construction, following term completions by other committee members.

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