Human Resources

Human Resources

Mark Schmelz
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

The Office of Human Resources (HR) is committed to providing excellent service in support of a vibrant community of scholars. In concert with the mission of the university, we value and encourage excellence, integrity, creativity, and critical thinking. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that will promote employee success and attract a diverse array of high performing professionals. Acting as the hub for personnel information and expertise, central human resources works collaboratively with a network of campus partners to provide professional assistance in a broad range of areas including employee and labor relations, professional development, work-life resources, employee compensation, leaves, benefits, recruitment, hiring processes, recognition programming, and performance management.  We aim for clear communication, professionalism, and the development of strong working relationships across the campus we serve.

Retirement Plans Management

Gay Lynn Bath

Retirement Plans Management administers five retirement plans used by the seven Oregon public higher education institutions.