Everyday Inclusion 2020

Finance and Administration (VPFA) Everyday Inclusion February 2020 (6x6 grid of dots in six colors)


We completed our third annual month-long portfolio-wide inclusion initiative, Everyday Inclusion, in February 2020. As part of Everyday Inclusion, all 600 staff members in the Finance and Administration portfolio engaged in activities aimed at helping us pause from busy day-to-day work, and to reflect and connect with our coworkers in a new way or around a novel topic.

"I'm very excited about Everyday Inclusion 2020. This is our third annual month-long division-wide inclusion effort. This initiative gives us each a chance to reflect on issues of diversity, community and inclusion, and gives us a chance to connect with each other through discussion related to these topics." - Jamie Moffitt, VPFA/CFO

In other words, Everyday Inclusion was a month of opportunity. Over the course of February 2020, our employees had the chance to pick from a broad range of activities, large and small, as well as participate in at least one exercise with their work team.

artful inclusion

One activity included employees from every area of the Finance and Administration portfolio: Artful Inclusion!

Led by Sue Russell--a diversity committee member from HR--employees were invited to create their own visual pieces of art. These were completed during group art sessions, departmental activities, and individually throughout February. Individual creations were gathered to create a collective piece celebrating inclusion.

View the digital collage here.

Artful Inclusion February 2020: 75 individual squares combined in a collage

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What is Everyday Inclusion? Everyday Inclusion is about connecting with co-workers and actively including others at work. Building workplace communities are the responsibility of-- and should be a priority for-- every one of us. Inclusion is created through small "everyday" moments of connection, reflection, and effort. (Fessler) This can include larger-scale efforts like revisiting the steps that make up our recruiting and onboarding processes, or increasing the ways we actively value all of the people within our organization. It is also the smaller things, like making sure credit is given to someone for their ideas and contributions, or really considering how one's implicit bias might be impacting how we interact with a particular colleague or approach a particular work task.

Why did we do this? Fighting implicit, or unconscious, bias is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. We need to keep having conversations that help us recognize our biases and make good decisions to ensure fairness. This involves building a culture of support: supporting all of us to grow, recognize our biases, and find ways every day to counter our unconscious preferences and assumptions. Taking the time to connect with co-workers, ask questions, and learn more about our work colleagues brings us together as a learning community within the university.

How could people get involved?  There were lots of ways to engage in Everyday Inclusion 2020.


1. Watch a 2-minute video on inclusion and submit your name. (This helps us get a sense of how many staff watched it.) Click on the hands-up image to the right.

2. Participate in activities with your department. Supervisors, diversity committee members, and other members of work teams facilitated at least one activity in each Finance and Admin department during February.

3. Engage in Everyday Inclusion weekly challenges. These were emailed to staff every week and included solo activities for reflection as well as topics for discussion and engagement with coworkers.

4. Sign up for one of the tours, talks, or workshops hosted by various members of the VPFA diversity committee. Each week, there were at least two activities to choose from (see schedule below).

5. Optional: Complete the prize drawing we send with the weekly challenges to let us know how you're participating and be entered into the drawing. In March, 20 participants will be randomly selected to receive $10 to a range of coffee shops and eateries on campus. (Announcements will be made when regular campus operations resume and selected employees can use the Duck Bucks.)


Weekly Challenges

Being ourselves and feeling like we belong

Understanding implicit biases: what they are and how to work with them

Understanding different perspectives

Changing mindsets

Engaging all of us

In-Person Activities


Artful Inclusion

Sue Russell

Thursday, February 6th, noon-1:00pm, HR Conference Room

Location: Office of Human Resources, 4th Floor, Peace Health North, 677 East 12th Avenue (map)

Guided tour of JSMA's Resistance as Power: A curatorial response to Under the Feet of Jesus Exhibition curators

Friday, February 7, 3:00-4:00pm, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (map)

** There are a few copies of Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena María Viramontes still available.
If you would like one, please contact Debbie Sharp: dsharp@uoregon.edu, 541-346-3096). **
Women, Language, and Power - presentation by Melissa Baese-Berk, UO Associate Professor of Linguistics Jane Brubaker and Sara Yilmaz

Monday, February 10, 10:30am-11:30am

SRS EOC Room 271 large conference room, 1715 Franklin (map)

Guided tour of Racing to change: Oregon's Civil Rights Years - The Eugene Story

Ali Litts (exhibition docent)

Friday, February 14, 1:00-2:00pm, Museum of Natural and Cultural History (MNCH)


Guided tour of Racing to change: Oregon's Civil Rights Years - The Eugene Story (repeat tour)

Exhibition docent, with Jane Brubaker

Tuesday, February 18, 11:00am-noon, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Guided tour of Racing to change: Oregon's Civil Rights Years - The Eugene Story (repeat tour)

Exhibition docent, with Jane Brubaker

Wednesday, February 19, 2:00pm-3:00pm, Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Many Nations Longhouse tour and discussion with Katie Staton, steward Many Nations Longhouse steward, with Sue Russell

Friday, February 21, 11:00am-12:00pm, Many Nations Longhouse (map)

Artful Inclusion (repeat hands-on activity) Sue Russell

Friday, February 21, 3:00-4:00pm, Lokey Education 116


Rehearsals for Life workshop

Rehearsals for Life

Tuesday, February 25, 2:30-4:00pm, Anstett Hall 191

Charged Words - a discussion Jay Butler

Friday, February 28, 10:00-11:00am, Esslinger Hall 112 (map)

The University of Oregon is strongly committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment of individuals with disabilities.  Requests for disability-related accommodations for events, including sign language interpreters, should be made to vpfa@uoregon.edu. We ask that requests for accommodation please be made at least five business days before the event.



*Black History Month events marked with an asterisk*


*Black History Month events marked with an asterisk*

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