Portfolio-wide Customer Service Assessment

As part of the portfolio's strategic planning efforts, the VPFA leadership team is working to improve the problem-solving capabilities of its units and their delivery of services to campus. In 2017, divisional leadership engaged the Community Service Center (CSC) to learn about current customer perceptions of the division's 28 units. In fall 2017, the CSC facilitated a robust online survey investigating the various units; business partners' interactions with respect to five dimensions of customer service: 
  • technical knowledge
  • communication, attitude, and professionalism
  • timeliness
  • problem solving
  • overall customer satisfaction

The survey also asked respondents how long they have been interacting with the unit (e.g., less than six months, over five years) and their frequency of interaction (e.g., less than one year, more than a week).


More than 1,300 people across the UO campus were invited to complete the survey. Within the survey, participants were shown all 28 Finance and Administration units with descriptions of each unit's functions, and were then invited to identify all units with which they work. The survey tool then selected up to five of the selected units at random, and asked the participant to evaluate those units.

The unit-specific VPFA Customer Satisfaction Survey, including all units, can be viewed in PDF. The high-level, general survey is available in Word.

Overall Results

524 people (39%) completed the survey. The satisfaction level, overall, was generally positive. For each of the units, 53% or more of respondents reported that they were either very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, or neutral for each of the five dimensions of customer service: technical knowledge; communication, attitude, and professionalism; timeliness; problem solving; and overall customer satisfaction.

Results by Unit

Summary tables are available for each of the 28 VPFA units evaluated. The tables show respondents' customer satisfaction with the unit, length of time that respondents have interacted with the unit, and frequency of their interactions.

To view the tables, click on the links below. The tables will be displayed in a separate Word document with alt text describing each graphic.

Next Steps

Based on the results of the portfolio-wide survey, the VPFA identified 13 units to further examine via focus groups, with the help of the CSC.  All units within the VPFA portfolio will engage in strategic planning over the summer 2018. Each unit will develop implementation strategies to improve and maintain standards of service delivery across campus.