UOPD Complaint Resolution Committee and Process

The University of Oregon's process for reviewing complaints that might arise about the University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) includes a Complaint Resolution Committee (CRC) that evaluates complaints alleging an illegal police department policy or serious misconduct on the part of a police officer. The complaint review process, including the membership and role of the CRC, are outlined in the UOPD complaint resolution procedures.


2017-18 UOPD CRC Membership

At-Large Member (2017-2019)

Melissa Barnes
PhD Student, Psychology
Graduate Student Representative (2017-2018)

OA Council Representative (2017-2019)

Jane Brubaker
Trades/Maintenance Coordinator, Campus Operations
At-Large Member (2015-2018)

Nicole Commissiong
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Law School
At-Large Member (Chair; 2015-2019)

Matt Carmichael
Chief, UOPD
Ex-Officio Member: UOPD Administrator

Johnny Earl
Custodial Services Coordinator, Campus Operations
SEIU Representative (2015-2017)

Shelly Kerr
Director, Counseling and Testing Center
Ex-Officio Member: Student Life Administrator

Undergraduate Student Representative (ASUO nominee; 2017-2018)

Chuck Tilby
Content Writer, Lexipol (Retired Captain of Investigations, Eugene Police Department)
At-Large Member: Retired Sworn Law Enforcement Officer (2015-2019)

United Academics Representative (2017-2019)