Our Diversity Action Plan

A draft of the Finance and Administration Diversity Action Plan was initially submitted to the Division of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) on March 17, 2017. After receiving input from an administrative review team led by DEI as well as input from stakeholders within our portfolio, an updated Action Plan was submitted to DEI on September 15, 2017. Thank you to everyone who considered the draft plan and shared their thoughts. The 2017-2020 divisional diversity action plans are intended to be living documents so that we can adjust as we learn from the strategies and tactics we deploy. Staff in our portfolio may continue to provide input about the plan and/or our equity and inclusion efforts by emailing kmfisher@uoregon.edu or anonymously online.

The VPFA Diversity Committee

Since Fall 2014, the VPFA has engaged a portfolio-specific diversity committee advise her on issues of equity and inclusion by identifying best practices and making recommendations for piloting new activities, training and enrichment opportunities. The committee meets monthly. Several members also serve on the University Wide Diversity Committee. Specifically, the VPFA diversity committee has been working on the following initiatives:

  • Engagement in the portfolio-wide Diversity Action Plan.
  • Implicit bias awareness training. The committee’s work in 2014-15 led to two trainings for managers in July 2015. The committee continues to look for opportunities to broaden training on this topic for all staff within the portfolio.
  • Reducing implicit bias in the search process. Some of our units have piloted redacting gender pronouns and names from application materials. In September 2016, the committee presented to the VPFA leadership about how this method could be used in the search process.
  • Exit interviews as a means of understanding diversity-related (and other) issues in our workplace. The committee made recommendations to the vice president for the implementation of exit surveys and exit interviews in September 2016. Both were implemented beginning February 2017.
  • Exploration of an overarching multicultural organizational development approach. The vice president will engage the committee for identifying opportunities to intertwine diversity and inclusion efforts into the portfolio’s strategic planning efforts.
  • Developing a list of resources for posting on this site that may be helpful to units within the VPFA portfolio.

Current Diveristy Committee Membership

Annie Bentz, Human Resources
Matthew Carmichael, Police Department
Kassy Fisher, Office of the VPFA; co-chair
Matthew Gross, Parking and Transportation
Flo Hoskinson, Safety and Risk Services
Daphne Joubran, Office of the VPFA
Kati Kronholm, Printing and Mailing
Stacey Marple, VPFA Shared Services
Jamie Moffitt, VPFA; co-chair
Stephen Mosley, Business Affairs
Brady Nittmann, Budget and Resource Planning
Nancy Resnick, Human Resources
Judy Rideout, Affirmative Action
Richard Vaughan, Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Daisy Venegas-Rogers, Institutional Research
Kevin Waldrop, Campus Planning and Facilities Management